KPA Unicon delivers bio-heating boiler plant to Espoo, Finland

KPA Unicon has delivered a new bio-heating boiler plant to Espoo, Finland, on behalf of Finnish energy company Fortum.

The plant was handed over for commercial use on 5 May. Unicon’s Renefluid bubbling fluidised bed (BFB) boiler plant generates district heating for the residents of Espoo, using wood biomass. The new boiler plant replaces part of the old coal-fired heat production facility.

The 49 MW plant uses the Unicon Condenser and produces up to 58 MW of district heat. The system uses advanced combustion technology, efficient heat recovery, flue gas condensing and heat pump technology to achieve ‘the highest efficiency on the market’, according to KPA Unicon.

KPA Unicon said it paid ‘special attention’ to the environmental aspects of the plant. The company’s BFB boiler uses carbon-neutral biomass that is not suitable for other uses, such as forest residue chips and demolition wood. The plant’s dust, nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide emissions have also been managed using advanced technologies, which guarantee that local emissions are ‘significantly lower’ than the regulations and recommendations made by local authorities.

Jukka-Pekka Kovanen, managing directro of KPA Unicon, said: “It has been a pleasure to be involved in meeting Fortum’s heat production needs and to work together towards a cleaner future. The delivery was a confirmation that KPA Unicon has the technology and ability to supply plants of this size, helping to solve green energy investment needs of the Helsinki metropolitan area.”

“The new bio-heating boiler plant in Kivenlahti is an important step in our Espoo Clean Heat programme,” said Pany Ahrnberg, head of production at Fortum, “the goal of which is to generate completely carbon-neutral district heating in this decade and to discontinue the use of coal in 2025.

“The biomass-fired heating plant will replace one of the coal-fired units from Suomenoja power plant.”

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