Kolb Bioenergy Facility receives operating permit

Construction of Kolb Bioenergy Facility in Roswell, New Mexico is now complete and an operating permit has been issued.

The biogas plant was completed with the help of The Penetron Group, which specialises in concrete protection. The firm helped to waterproof and protect key structures to ensure the durability of the facility.

Kolb Bioenergy Facility uses a proprietary technology to process up to 350,000 gallons of manure and other organic compounds (feedstock) from nearby dairies in anaerobic digesters to clean it and separate the methane and purify it to create marketable natural gas. An estimated 20 million cubic feet of natural gas will be generated annually at the facility and sold as a sustainable energy source.

“The most recent phase of construction added a separator and two hydrolysers to provide a steady flow to the concrete digester where the waste is transformed into biogas,” said Christopher Chen, director of The Penetron Group.

“Because of the aggressive environment encountered in a biogas reactor, the project engineers specified a robust and highly durable waterproofing solution for the plant’s concrete holding tanks and digester.”

PENETRON ADMIX SB was added to 3,000 cubic yards of concrete mix for the plant’s concrete holdings tanks and digester. The tie-holes and any visible cracks in the structures were repaired and sealed with a combination of PENECRETE MORTAR, a crystalline waterproofing mortar, and PENETRON - a topical crystalline waterproofing slurry.

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