Kirk Environmental completes 1.2MW AD plant

In Binh Duong province, Ben Cat District, Vietnam, UK and Malaysia-based biogas storage solutions firm Kirk Environmental has completed its first 1.2MW anaerobic digestion plant for food and packaging company San Miguel Corporation.

When the plant begins producing biogas in Q2 2011, the facility will be powered self sufficiently. The project is a partnership between Kirk Environmental, Biodome Asia and Filipino Client Sure.

The recently completed facility will utilise San Miguel's own waste combined with slurry from 15,000 sow hogs from the Binh Duong farm to produce biogas.

The biogas is then captured in Kirk Environmental's top mounted Biodome gas holders on two of the four glass coated steel tanks constructed on the site and converted into electricity which will be used to power the whole facility. The wastewater produced on site will also be treated to wash and clean the facility and livestock on a daily bases, and then further recycled back into the digesters.

Kirk Environmental and Biodome Asia are also nearing completion of the San Miguel Sumilao Farm project in Bukidnon, Philippines, as well as developing projects around the world such as Fiji, Manila, South Korea, Malaysia, Australia, the US and many more.

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