Keeping the lights on

Severe flooding in North Yorkshire and a global pandemic have not stopped Drax Group from supporting the nation with power supplies and community initiatives

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted industries, economies and communities all over the world. For Drax, operating in the flood-hit region of North Yorkshire and relying on biomass supplies from the US has presented unique challenges. At the beginning of 2020, parts of the UK experienced immense flooding, leaving many without a home. Drax Power Station, located in one of England’s worst-hit regions, enlisted the help of GB Railfreight (GBRf) to ensure its biomass supplies were delivered safely.

Flooding caused extensive damage to railway tracks in the north of England, creating a challenging environment to get supplies delivered to Drax on time. GBRf has been working closely with the biomass energy giant to reschedule rail deliveries and maximise capacity on the rail link while repairs were carried out. A spokesperson from GBRf told Bioenergy Insight that the flooding meant that key routes on the rail line were not operational: “We responded quickly to the...

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