JLEN’s renewables portfolio now 27% AD

JLEN Environmental Assets Group’s (JLEN) diversified portfolio is now formed of 34% wind projects, 27% AD, 22% solar, 15% waste and wastewater and 2% hydro and battery,  by value.

In its half-year results to 30 September, the firm reported a portfolio valuation of £552.9 million (€619.4 million), up from £537.1 million (€601.7 million) on 31 March.

The company completed two new acquisitions, one in the AD sector and one in hydropower, increasing its diversification. JLEN’s operating portfolio during the first six months of 2020 was strong across the portfolio, with exceptions mainly driven by the COVID-19 pandemic or grid operator maintenance, or constrains, the firm reported.

Richard Morse, chairman of JLEN, said: “JLEN’s portfolio has operated well for the period under review and the market outlook for the company is positive. This is despite the wider challenges brought on by the global pandemic.

“The infrastructure and renewables markets remain favourable in both context of global and UK Government policy and financial support for decarbonisation initiatives.

“Our acquisition pipeline presents further scope for diversification following this decarbonisation agenda.”

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