Jet fuel from biomass project receives funding in US

US-based Fulcrum Energy (FE), which works in the waste to biofuels sector, will use a new grant from the US Department of Defense (DoD) to develop renewable drop-in biofuels for aircraft.

The DoD awarded FE $4.7 million (€3.6 million) toward the research, which it will also potentially double from its own capital to help complete the development of its first municipal solid waste (MSW) to jet fuel plant.

FE claims to have recently completed a demonstration of its drop-in fuel process using a plant in North Carolina.

‘Fuel diversity adds an integral component to our business plan,’ E. James Macias, FE’s president, was quoted as saying. ‘Our process is now capable of producing jet fuel, diesel and ethanol from residential garbage that would otherwise be landfilled.’

The plant would be located somewhere FE claims to have secured long-term, fixed MSW contracts.

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