JBS bolsters biogas capability in Brazil

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JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company, is installing biodigesters to produce biogas from the methane emitted in its operations.
The project will commence with nine Friboi units throughout Brazil this month, with the company claiming it would represent a 24.6% decrease in scope 1 emissions from all JBS activities in Brazil. Some Brazil units have been using biogas since 2021, it added.
With an investment of 54mn reais (€9.9m), the project is the largest of its kind in the country's protein industry.
The biogas can be used to generate steam in the boilers of the company’s units, to substitute biomass as a source for power generation, and as fuel for the JBS transportation fleet, replacing diesel or in a hybrid system.
“In line with circular economy actions, biodigesters will reduce our methane emissions and start producing clean, renewable energy,” said Maurício Bauer, corporate director of sustainability at JBS Brazil. “This project reinforces our view that agribusiness is part of the solution to address the challenges of climate change facing the world.”
“Our investments in biogas are a clear demonstration of our ambition to be a transformational agent for a low-carbon economy, in line with our Net Zero commitment,” added Bauer.

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