IWF halts pellet plant construction

In 2009 heat energy producer International WoodFuels (IWF) was planning the construction of a $20 million (€15.9 million) commercial-scale wood pellet production facility in Burnham, Maine, US. However, plans have since changed due to a current lack of funding.

‘With the economy, what we ended up doing is focusing on our new plant in Louisiana County, Virginia, that went into operation in this spring,’ said Laura Sawell, a spokeswoman for IWF. ‘We pooled our resources there.’

Despite plans to now get the plant up and running by autumn 2011, Sawell explains that the project has not altered.

Still expected to cost in the region of $15 and $20 million to build, the plant will produce 100,000 tonnes of wood pellets annually using locally sourced wood. 35 jobs will be created when the facility becomes operational.

Sawell explained: ‘Essentially we’re just trying to raise money.’

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