ITM Power looks to Germany for green energy storage advance

UK-based green energy company ITM Power is set to work with one of Germany’s top local utility companies on power-to-gas energy storage.

ITM believes the integration of renewable energies into the existing electricity and gas networks in Germany presents great challenges to energy providers.

The collaboration will investigate the potential of energy storage by the production of hydrogen from ITM’s electrolysis equipment, with a plant being built to test the performance and operation.

‘As a fully integrated energy company, this utility has a deep understanding of the need for energy storage and maximising the use of renewable power, and is perfectly placed to demonstrate the benefits of hydrogen gas grid injection,’ says ITM Power CEO Graham Cooley.

This is our first key development in the German utility market,’ adds ITM Power GmbH MD Phil Doran. ‘There are many opportunities in Germany including energy storage using hydrogen gas injection into the gas grid and clean fuel provision for captive fleets and road vehicles.’

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