Italian firm BTS Biogas under new ownership

Virtual Equity Partners (VEP) has taken ownership of BTS Biogas, the largest provider of biogas plants in Italy.

BTS Biogas was founded in 2008 and quickly established itself as a worldwide technological leader in the development, construction and management of biogas and biomethane plants. Despite the acquisition, the company’s structure will remain the same to prevent disruption.

Jeff Henslin, the new CEO of BTS Biogas, said: “After almost three years as shareholders of BTS, we have decided to take over 100% of the company to enhance its know-how and add financial strength to the company.

“Now we can offer the market not only the most advanced technological solutions for bioenergy and biofuel production from organic waste and by-products, but we are able to support projects of great strategic and economic value as well.

“The company has always invested a significant part of its turnover in research and development. The increase in available capital will greatly foster this activity - that is of utmost importance for a leading company in the renewable energy sector.

“The new financial capital will also allow BTS to invest in large projects to close the circle of organic waste of companies and municipalities, bringing significant advantages from an environmental and economic point of view.”

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