Israeli firm HomeBiogas awarded World Sustainability Award

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On 18 October the Israeli climate-tech company HomeBiogas was awarded the World Sustainability Award in the field of Circular Economy for their innovative waste-to-energy solutions that tackle climate change by reducing methane emissions and providing clean energy to thousands of people around the world.
HomeBiogas develops on-site systems which enable households and businesses to turn their organic waste into clean energy such as gas for heating water or cooking.
The company uses anaerobic digestion to convert discarded organic materials into renewable energy, reducing the costs and emissions associated with sending food waste to landfills. To date, HomeBiogas has sold over 15,000 household systems in 107 countries.
”We’re proud to be recipients of the World Sustainability Award as leaders in the circular economy,” said HomeBiogas CEO, Oshik Efrati. “The driving force behind HomeBiogas is to disrupt the world of waste with on-site sustainable solutions. Waste is a valuable resource and we are working hard to make it matter.”
HomeBiogas impressed the judges with its systems which provide a cost-effective way for people to turn organic waste into biogas for cooking and natural fertiliser – tackling climate change by reducing methane emissions and providing clean energy for people in need.
Each system offsets 6 tonnes of CO2 per year, the equivalent of one vehicle’s annual emissions. One judge described it as an “astonishing innovation, which opens up a new era of possibilities for the under-developed world but also the developed one, through home family autonomy in energy.”

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