Irish wood pellet producer awarded ENplus certification

Wood pellet manufacturer Balcas has become the first company in Ireland to produce ENplus-certified wood pellets.

The ENplus certification is the European standard which aims to guarantee the supply of standardised, premium-quality wood pellets for consumers.

'The European Pellet Council congratulates Balcas brites for being awarded the ENplus certification, which makes Balcas also the largest producer of ENplus pellets in the UK,' says Peter Rechberger, general manager of the European Pellet Council. 'A guaranteed high pellet quality will greatly aid the development of the UK pellet market for domestic heating and ensure customer satisfaction.'

Balcas' wood pellet manufacturing facility, located in Fermanagh, Invergordon, produces 150,000 tonnes a year of wood pellets, which are consumed in the UK and Irish markets.

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