Irish government announces support for anaerobic digestion sector

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Ireland's minister for environment, climate and communications, Eamon Ryan, has said anaerobic digestions is necessary to meet Ireland's 2030 targets under the Climate Action Plan.
Addressing a press conference at the Department of Environment, Climate and Communications (DECC) following the 2023 Budget on 27 September, he said a market mechanism will be they key way to deliver anaerobic digestion that is needed - similar to support for the installation of solar PV.
“Not everything is announced and delivered on budget day,” Minister Ryan said, adding that support will follow both for anaerobic digestion and solar PV.
Charlie McConalogue, minister for agriculture, food and the marine, said he would be allocating €3 million in the 2023 Budget for each of the next four years (a total of €12 million), to kickstart a farm-based anaerobic digestion sector in Ireland.
He said: “The establishment of a renewable heat obligation will be critical to the success of this initiative, and I am working closely in partnership with [Ryan] to realise the potential of this sector.”
A renewable heat obligation will be designed by the DECC over the next months, with a potential consultation in January 2023, and a final scheme by the middle of next year, a DECC spokesperson confirmed.
A Renewable Heat Obligation could require energy suppliers in the heat sector to ensure that a certain percentage of the energy supplied comes from renewables like biogas.

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