Irish company agrees to €1.5 million biogas technology deal

Irish waste-to-energy company BHSL have agreed to a €1.5 million deal to sell its fluidised bed combustion (FBC) technology in France, RTE reports.

BHSL will provide the technology to Liger Bioconcept, which is a joint venture between fellow waste-to-energy firm Liger; algae specialist and fertiliser manufacturer Olmix; and pig processor Jean Floch.

The technology will be placed in a 1.4MW plant in Brittany, which burns digestate sourced from an anaerobic digester located nearby.

“We are in active discussions around several further opportunities, and the installed base of anaerobic digesters is forecast to grow considerably,” said Denis Brosnan, executive chairman of BHSL.

“As regulatory standards continue to increase, BHSL stands to benefit as businesses look to manage their waste and emissions to create valuable energy whilst also meeting their environmental responsibilities.”

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