Irish castle installs biomass boiler

In Castlewellan Forest Park, Northern Ireland the 19th century Castlewellan Castle is installing a new heating system that will be fuelled by locally grown wood chip.

The new 200kW Hargassner boiler, provided by Green Energy Technology, will heat the entire castle and provide hot water to over 25 bedrooms and the kitchen.

Patrick Flynn, director of Green Energy Technology stated: ‘We are delighted that Centre Ministries has chosen one of our Hargassner boilers from Austria. This advanced technology has been used in Austria for decades and is becoming more and more popular in Ireland as the price of fossil fuel rise and people become more environmentally aware.’

The boiler will be situated within the old coalhouse, which will be modified to house the boiler, fuel store, and a 5,000-litre hot water accumulator tank.

The installation of the wood chip boiler is part of the charity’s drive to use sustainable and local sources of fuel. Using local fuel will result in significant savings – both financial, and in terms of CO2 released.

The new boiler and heating network is expected to be commissioned at the beginning of 2011 and will mark a major milestone in Centre Ministries efforts to reduce its carbon footprint.

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