Ireland grants €8 million for pioneering energy research

A share of €8 million ($9.2 million) worth of funding has been awarded to a total of 45 innovative energy research projects in Ireland. 

The money granted is due to the government’s ambition to develop solutions to help homes, businesses and communities deliver a cleaner energy future, and will vary from one to four years’ worth of funding.

CEO of the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has said that, “New solutions and new technologies are central to achieving a sustainable energy future for Ireland.”

A few of the projects include the investigation into the effectiveness of ventilation systems in A-rated energy efficient homes, employing artificial intelligence (AI) to optimise the forecasting ability of renewable energy producers and the development of a model for regional anaerobic digestion (AD) clusters.

Ireland’s Green party have previously spoken out about how they support and welcome potential developments in renewable energy, particularly in the agricultural sector, so long as the pros and cons of any proposal have been considered.

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