Iran’s largest biomass plant is inaugurated

Credit: IRNA
Credit: IRNA
Iran inaugurated the country's largest concentrated biomass power plant that runs on biogas, according to IRNA's report from the Ministry of Energy.
A ceremony was held yesterday (11 April), and was attended by president Ebrahim Raisi and energy minister Ali Akbar Mehrabian, via video call.
Alongside the power plant, water and wastewater projects totaling US$283.33 million were also initiated.
The 7.2-megawatt plant is adjacent to a wastewater treatment facility in western Tehran, and is expected to produce 50 million kilowatt-hours of electricity each year.
This initiative aims to cut fuel consumption at the treatment facility by utilising the generated heat to increase the temperature in anaerobic digestion tanks.
This plant is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 225,000 tonnes and natural gas usage by 24 million cubic meters annually, according to a report from IRNA.
While describing the ongoing projects, Kamaani said eight more power plants are under construction, including four biogas power plants in the cities of Isfahan, Qom, Kashan, and Shiraz.
He added it is expected that these power plants will be put into operation within the next year-and-a-half and at the end of current government's term.
Credit: IRNA

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