Investment patience needed in Asia and Africa

“This is a good time for energy sector players and governments to come together so that clean energy generation can thrive along with clean consumption with conservation.”

Blending bioenergy potential in Asia and Africa into one regional review is always an enticing challenge with the obvious invitation to compare, and contrast, what on the surface are two quite different business and economic propositions.

There are definite comparisons to be made, of course. It’s clear that both regions have enormous potential for clean energy growth, while both also have to cope with a broad diversification of governments and policies, all designed to help, or hinder, drive individual countries towards the future development of renewable sources of power and energy.

Studying current growth projections for both regions, from a bioenergy perspective, maybe the sharpest point of comparison is that while their relative 2030 to 2050 targets for clean energy expansion are hugely impressive, bioenergy backers face a massive challenge if they are to keep pace with the progress of other energy solutions over the next 10-30...

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