Investment in new carbon neutral electricity plant announced

Renewable energy firm Infinergy has won a new contract to create a carbon neutral energy plant in the UK.

The contract was won from Intermet Refractory Products and is worth more than £1 million (€1.2 million). Intermet will use the new facility at its Oughtibridge plant based near Sheffield and it will produce electricity from wood pellets rather than fossil fuels.

Intermet’s system will feed renewable bio-fuel wood pellets into a furnace which burn in a clean way producing steam but no COโ‚‚ or toxins.  It claims the technology is completely carbon neutral so no electricity is used from the Grid and it hits all government targets on clean energy.

‘We’ve been focusing on industrial and commercial uses for this technology, but we can also make it small enough to fit into a house. This contract is a big deal for us and the market potential is enormous,’ says Infinergy co-director and creator of the technology Steve Mongan.

‘Biomass pellets are a certified source of renewable energy and represent a far more stable fuel source from a cost perspective.,’ adds Intermet’s operations director Julian Gray. ‘We need to embrace new technology such as this that has the potential to help us control our cost base more efficiently and therefore remain competitive in the markets we serve.’

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