International Compost Alliance launched on World Soil Day

Compost organisations globally have established the International Compost Alliance – a voluntary partnership to advance awareness and understanding of the benefits and use of compost on a global scale.

The Alliance looks to offer solutions for climate change mitigation, soil health and food security, building on years of collaboration between organics recycling organisations. By pooling expertise and knowledge, the Alliance seeks to maximise organic waste recycling and advance the manufacturing of certified, high-quality compost.

The founding members of the Alliance include The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA), the Australian Organics Recycling Association, Compost Council of Canada, European Compost Network, International Solid Waste Association, CRE – Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Association of Ireland, the Waste Management Institute of New Zealand, and the US Composting Council.

“Compost is a win-win solution to climate change,” the International Compost Alliance said in a joint statement, “not only does recycling organic wastes reduce emissions, but compost also brings many benefits when used on soils too.

“This is why we have joined forces to work together to maximise the recycling of organic wastes and advance the manufacturing of certified, high-quality composts to benefit the environment, society and our members.

“We hope the International Compost Alliance helps usher in a new era of global collaboration on this issue, to ensure that compost and its role in soil health and food security, is central to the efforts in tackling climate change.”

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