Innovating Energy’s NSW biogas project progresses

A new biogas project by Innovating Energy in New South Wales, Australia will be operational in 12-14 months.

The project in Nowra will use manure food waste to generate electricity, according to a report by Farm Online National.

Federal Minister for Energy and Emissions Reduction, Angus Taylor, visited the site of the biogas plant in Shoalhaven on 27 July and spoke with local dairy farmers. He was told how tonnes of food waste will no longer be sent to landfill, but will instead be used to help make electricity when combined with manure collected from 19 local dairy farms.

Taylor also announced the second round of funding - $25 million (€15.5 million) – for 20 similar projects across Australia. He described Nowra’s first large-scale biogas plant as an ‘exciting and innovative’ project.

The facility will use 125,000 tonnes of manure from the farms, with 30 tonnes of food waste added.

“With the new requirements that will prohibit the use of food waste going to landfill, this will be a very beneficial part of what we are doing here,” said Innovating Energy director, Phil Horan.

Taylor congratulated the Innovating Energy team for putting the project together, while Horan thanked the Federal Government for its support.

“The project has gone from being one farm involved in the project to 19 farms in the area,” said Horan. “We now have 19 farmers all working together in a collaborative effort supplying manure.

“We will be getting food waste from the local area as well (club, pubs, and hospitals) and adding that to the manure and generating electricity.”

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