Ineos bioethanol plant step closer to commercial realisation

A joint-venture project called Ineos New Planet BioEnergy (INPB) has been granted parts 79 and 80 registration from the US Environmental Protection Agency for the production and sale of advanced bioethanol from non-food waste materials. 

Headed by waste to biofuel company Ineos Bio, the notice of registration came after successful completion of the construction of the Indian River Bioenergy Centre (IRBC). Ineos claims the IRBC is the first large-scale project in the US to receive registrations for a facility using non-food vegetative waste materials to produce cellulosic ethanol.

Construction on the IRBC was completed in June and the facility is currently undergoing commissioning.

‘We have completed this new facility on schedule and budget and look forward to further advancing this bioenergy technology and make it commercially available around the world,’ said Peter Williams, CEO of Ineos Bio.’"Building more facilities and licensing this technology globally provides a new platform for waste disposal while providing energy security, local jobs and local bioenergy.‘

The IRBC is scheduled to begin production of advanced bioethanol by the third quarter and, when it is at full production, will produce eight million gallons of advanced bioethanol and 6MW of renewable power annually from renewable biomass including local yard, vegetative and agricultural wastes.

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