Industry insight: biomass trading

Andrius Smaliukas, CEO of Baltpool, talks to Bioenergy Insight about biomass trading, SBP certification, and sustainability.

Baltpool International Biomass Exchange (Baltpool) is an online trading platform, where buyers and sellers meet to trade in biomass and timber products. Currently operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, Baltpool, founded in 2010, is rapidly growing. The organisation currently has more than 450 participants and has celebrated exciting milestones in sustainability.

In May, Baltpool announced it now sells SBP-certified biomass on its platform, which the company says is in high demand in the market. Exchange participants can trade in biomass that meets the requirements of sustainability and has a SPB certificate, which is particularly relevant to Scandinavian and Baltic companies.

To find out more about Baltpool’s vision and future sustainability goals, Bioenergy Insight caught up with the company’s CEO, Andrius Smaliukas.

“Baltpool’s vision is to become the number one choice for sustainable biomass trading in Europe,”...

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