India's bioenergy potential

India's renewable energy sources have the potential to generate 68,000MW of green power costing under RS.6 (€0.098) per unit, according to a report by funding agency The World Bank.

The study, titled Potential of Renewable Energy in India, states: 'Developing indigenous renewable energy sources, which have low marginal costs of generation, are more economically viable in the long run.'

According to the study, the 68,000MW can be produced from a variety of renewable sources, including biomass, wind and hydro.

The nation currently produces around 1,70,229MW of energy from all sources, but the nation's demand for electricity is expected to rise by 7.4% a year during the next quarter of a century. This will see generation capacity increase five-fold in India is to supply this growing demand.

The nation's government has set an ambitious target, which, if met, could see at least 40,000MW of additional renewable energy capacity installed.

The state of Madhya Pradesh holds much of India's biomass potential, however this is currently largely undeveloped.

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