Indian state encourages paddy straw-to-power projects

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Chief minister of the Indian state of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar, has said the state government will leave "no stone unturned" to transform the area's stubble-burning challenges into wealth-creating opportunities, according to The Statesman.
“Stubble and water management is the need of the hour. Haryana has taken commendable steps to reduce the cases of paddy straw burning,” he said while addressing a workshop on paddy stubble management.
Khattar said stubble burning cases have already lowered by 40% in Haryana. He said an incentive amount of Rs. 2,500 per tonne on stubble along with other subsidies is being given by the state government to the farmers.
He added the new policy is aimed to create a conducive environment for private investment in paddy straw-based biomass power projects, industries, compress biogas plants, waste-to-energy plants, brick kilns, packaging materials, biofuels, etc - to constructively utilise the stubble. He said two lakh metric tonne paddy straw will be consumed in the biogas plant to be installed in Panipat and more such initiatives are on the cards.
The chief minister went on to say that crop residues are being utilised through various machines and decomposers: “Through all these initiatives, we are ensuring that the income of the farmers can be increased through the stubble."
Khattar said in Haryana through its ambitious ‘Meri Pani Meri Virasat’ scheme, the government is promoting crop diversification which has substantially supported in conserving water and benefited the farmers at large scale.
The chief minister said to control stubble burning, the state government has implemented a framework that includes in-situ crop residue management, ex-situ management, effective monitoring, enforcement, and a wide reach of information education and communication (IEC) activities is also being ensured. “The state government has also formulated a special framework for stubble management to reduce pollution,” he added.
He commented that incentive amounts and subsidies on straw management equipment are given to the farmers for making stubble bales. This apart, farmers are being given a 50% subsidy on equipment for crop residue management and an 80% subsidy on custom hiring centres, he added.
Khattar said Haryana is accelerating towards reducing the effect of stubble burning by 50% and more. “The farmers should support the state government for this noble cause by not burning the paddy straw. It is the need of the hour for protecting the environment of the state,” he added.

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