Indian School of Business collaborates with state for biomass production

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The state government of Himachal in India has said it will collaborate with the Indian School of Business (ISB) to provide policy inputs and research support for the emerging bioenergy sector, according to The Tribune.
Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu announced this while presiding over a meeting with the representatives of the ISB.
Sukhu said: “The government will start a pilot project for bioenergy production from pine needles and bamboo. HP is blessed with an enormous wealth of conifer forests and has a high potential for bamboo production. The project will boost the income of the local community as well.”
He added that many sectors - such as thermal power, cement and steel - were exploring fossil fuel substitutes to reduce carbon emission. Fuel briquettes made from pine needles could be included as potential substitutes, he continued, as these have a much higher calorific value. The project would also pave way for strengthening the rural economy, he added.
Sukhu said the ISB would provide the business model and the technology, and that the institution would ensure adequate market linkage with the assistance and cooperation of the state government.
“The ISB will undertake the task of making ethanol, compressed biogas and biofertiliser from bamboo. The residue of ethanol production from bamboo serves as a feedstock for the production of compressed biogas and biofertiliser in large quantities.”
Sukhu concluded that community ownership of forest land was also associated with greater social responsibility and increased incentives for forest protection.

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