Indian power company to experiment with biomass briquettes

The Maharashtra State Power Generation Company (MAHAGENCO) in Maharashtra, India, has decided to use biomass briquettes in one of its power stations ‘on an experimental basis’.

MAHAGENCO will use the briquettes in Parli thermal power station, according to recent reports. The State of Maharashtra has made it mandatory to use biomass briquettes in power generation projects, and MAHAGENCO has initiated the process.

“We have issued an expression of interest recently to procure biomass briquettes with desired parameters,” a MAHAGENCO official told the Press Trust of India. “If we get those, we will conduct the experiment using 5-7% of briquettes, which can later be taken to 10%.”

According to the expression of interest, the briquettes should have a moisture content of no more than 9% and the calorific value range should be around 3,500 Kcal for non-torrefied and 4,500 for torrefied briquettes.

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