Indian distillery to power itself

In the state if Haryana, northern India, a Rs. 4.50 crore (€688,952) 1MW biogas power plant has been set up.

The plant, which will convert distillery waste into biogas, has been commissioned at Ashoka Distillers and Chemical Pvt. Ltd. in Hathin, Palwal district. The energy generated will be used to power the distillery.

The proposal was put forward by the Haryana Renewable Energy Department and the Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HREDA) before being approved by the ministry, which awarded the plant financial support in the form of Rs. 80 lakh.

According to the power minister Mahender Partap Singh the implementation of the plant will benefit the region in a number of ways. In addition to the production of sustainable energy, it will also help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

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