India backs biomass plants

A tariff, which aims to increase the use of biomass-based feedstocks in power production facilities, has been finalised in India.

The Indian power regulator Gujaret Electricity Commission (GERC) has fixed a tariff that will see power suppliers acquire bioelectricity for Rs 4.40 (€0.08) per unit for the first decade, before increasing to Rs 4.75 per unit from the 11th year to the 20th year.

According to GERC, ‘The newly fixed tariff will be applicable to biomass-based power projects to be commissioned before 31 March 2013.’

GERC originally proposed a tariff of Rs 4.25 and Rs 4.50, respectively, but decided to raise this to provide a larger incentive for those project developers considering constructing a power plant in the area.

Some firms, including Amreli Power Projects Pvt and clean energy solutions provider Abellon Clean Energy, are already making plans to develop green power plants in the country.

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