In conversation with David Palumbo

Bioenergy Insight speaks to EQTEC’s CEO, David Palumbo, about gasification, the green recovery, and hydrogen’s role in a net-zero future.

Could you tell our readers about yourself and your background in the energy industry?

Over the last 15 years, I have founded and co-founded several companies across various industries, particularly in finance and technology. In the last six years, I’ve been completely focused on clean technologies. My background is in private equity, venture capital, and asset management. While I worked in private equity, my focus was on real assets and energy infrastructure. I embarked on my career in business with the foundation of a BSc and an MSc in electrical engineering.

How does EQTEC’s advanced gasification technology work?

Gasification is a process which thermochemically converts waste feedstocks including refuse-derived fuel (RDF), agricultural and forestry biomass, and industrial waste materials and plastics into synthesis gas (syngas). The syngas is then used as an intermediate fuel to generate...

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