IBA announces first dairy biogas project in North America

The Integrated Biogas Alliance (IBA) is in final stage development of a seven dairy, 16,500-head biogas project in Idaho.

Working with EIP Ventures, the project represents the IBA’s first dairy biogas project in North America and is expected to close this quarter.

“We’re excited to announce our first dairy biogas project,” said Christopher Maloney, president of the IBA. “This is a culmination of over two years of terrific development work by the Boise Biogas Group, led by IBA Partner and lead project manager Digester Doc.”

The project is set on approximately 50 acres near Boise Idaho and ideally suited near a natural gas pipeline. The project is the first phase of a larger facility planned for the site and will generate more than 1,200 MMBtu of RNG per day.

“When completed, this project is expected to create more than 300 direct and indirect jobs during the construction phase, added Maloney, “and the facility will ultimately employ 15 full-time staff on-site with an additional 40 jobs associated with hauling and off-site processing.

“The project will bring together the technologies, equipment, and related consulting, engineering, and construction services of many of the IBA companies.”

EIP Ventures will lead the final phase of development for the IBA, ensuring completion.

“This project will remove the equivalent of 260 gallons of diesel per hour derived pollution from the atmosphere and will prevent the emissions of approximately 2.2 million gallons of diesel annually, which is equivalent to planting a 36,000-acre forest every year,” said Beverly Westle, managing director of EIP Ventures. “EIP Ventures is excited to collaborate with the IBA to ensure the project’s success.”

Zenviro Tech US, based in Illinois, will provide the anaerobic digestion process engineering and design for the project, Greenlane Renewables, in Vancouver, will provide the required biogas upgrading system. Symbiont, Science, Engineering & Construction, based in Wisconsin, will lead the balance of plant design and construction of the plant.

Digester Doc president, Will Charlton, said: “This project has cleared all major permits and approvals and has strong local and state support. We are excited to move this project to close early next year in collaboration with Chris, Tom, Beverly and the entire IBA team.

“The project will be a strong addition to the renewable energy capacity coming from the Idaho dairy community.”

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