HZI and CMI to build 20th Kompogas® plant in Italy

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Starting in January 2023, Zurich-based Hitachi Zosen Inova AG (HZI) has announced it will work with its long-standing Italian project partner Cesaro Mac Import (CMI) to build its 20th Kompogas® plant for the dry fermentation of biogenic waste.
The plant will treat organic waste from the province of Brindisi to produce biogas, and from November 2023 the gas will be used to generate renewable electricity.
The contract for the construction was signed between HZI and CMI shortly at the end of 2022. CMI is a key player in Italian waste management, and a proven EPC sales partner of HZI, with which it shares many years of joint project experience.
Construction itself commences in the shouth of the region of Apulia in Erchie, and the client is locally based Heracle Srl,
which from late Autumn 2023 will be using biogenic residues from the region to generate renewable electricity in a composting plant on site.
After various projects in northern and central Italy, the tried and tested Kompogas® technology is
now also to be used in the south of the country, according to HZI. At the heart of the treatment process is a plug-flow digester in a reinforced concrete construction. In this digester, 30,000 tonnes annually of
biowaste (OFMSW) and green waste collected separately in the province of Brindisi will be mixed and degassed under anaerobic conditions by a horizontal longitudinal agitator with plough-shaped paddleheads. This will produce about 10 million Nm³/a of biogas, which will be converted into electricity in a combined heat and power plant. The electrical energy generated will be sufficient to power around 2,200 four-person households in the region for a year.

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