HyGear, GPS Renewables partner on green hydrogen projects

HyGear’s subsidiary, HyGear Asia, has signed a memorandum of understanding with GPS Renewables, a waste management cleantech firm with close to 100 modular biogas installations in India.

The companies will collaborate on converting organic waste and landfill gas into green hydrogen with GPS Renewables’ state-of-the-art biomethanation plants, downstream bio-CNG installations, and HyGear’s on-site steam methane reforming-based Hy.GEN products.

Leveraging both firms’ experience, the partnership will result in combined renewable gas leadership to create the first of its kind waste-to-hydrogen infrastructure in the country.

“As we work towards building the circular economy around the world, green hydrogen from organic waste and landfill gas is an exciting opportunity to create this next-generation, low carbon fuel,” said Marinus can Driel, CEO of HyGear.

“Steam methane reforming of RNG represents one of the lowest emissions and cost-effective production pathways available today for hydrogen. With over 80 systems deployed globally, HyGear is a leader in on-site hydrogen generation solutions.

“We look forward to contributing to India’s decarbonisation goals with a local biogas leader such as GPS Renewables.”

Mainak Chakraborty, CEO of GPS Renewables, commented: “By taking slow but steady steps, in a span of six years of commercialisation, GPS Renewables has been able to position itself as the go-to project integrator for organic waste stream to bio-CNG production in India.

“Our clientele, which ranges from Fortune 500 companies, virtually every luxury hotel chain in India, to the country’s largest climate fund, is a testament to that.

“As India gears up for a green hydrogen economy, by partnering with a global leader like HyGear, we aim to replicate the same positioning in the field of green hydrogen, being the go-to ideation and execution partner for green hydrogen project developers.

“We (HyGear and GPS) have zeroed in our first pilot site from within GPS’ operational organic waste-to-biogas projects and we aim to announce the kick-start of India’s first biomethanation-based green hydrogen plant shortly.”

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