Hycamite signs agreement for methane supply in Finland

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Hycamite and Kokkolan Energiaverkostot have agreed that the latter will supply methane for the former’s Kokkola plant in Finland.
Hycamite and numerous other major Kokkola-based companies have agreements to receive methane Kokkolan Energiaverkostot, meaning that the Kokkola LNG terminal project is progressing from the design phase to the construction phase.
Before this deal, Hycamite used biogas to produce hydrogen and industrial carbon from methane in Kokkola. With this agreement signed, Hycamite will now use liquid natural gas and biogas - both of which consist mainly of methane.
“The aim is to ensure that the production in our new large Customer Sample Facility, which will be completed next year, can be kept running even if biogas is not available in sufficient quantities or if our customers want to run tests specifically on natural gas”, said Laura Rahikka, CEO of Hycamite TCD Technologies.
Hycamite decarbonises industry, according to the company. It does so by producing emissions-free hydrogen and industrial solid carbon from methane using heat and a family of catalysts it developed.
Hycamite’s hydrogen can be used as a substitute for the coal currently used in steel production.
Similarly, emissions-free and locally produced carbon products can be used to replace, for example, synthetic graphite, whose production currently entails high emissions, and to reduce dependence on natural graphite, which has been identified as a critical raw material.
When Hycamite uses biogas to produce hydrogen, it creates a carbon sink.
When fed biogas, the Hycamite process decomposes the methane in the gas and captures the carbon in a solid form rather than releasing it into the atmosphere.
The resulting solid carbon can be used, for example, to make batteries for electric cars.
Hycamite's technology can also be used to remove carbon from methane that is a by-product of chemical industry processes.
In Finland, Hycamite aims to produce its hydrogen primarily from biogas.
Hycamite’s customers, particularly in North America, intend to use natural gas for hydrogen production, as the availability of biogas in North America is minimal, according to Hycamite.
Hycamite’s headquarters, the current large test facility and the future Customer Sample Facility are located in Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP).

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