How a preventative approach to AD maintenance achieves real-life results

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Tyler Warman — site manager at the Suffolk-based plant, which is operated by specialist AD operators and service providers Eco Verde Energy (EVE) — explained how the team’s approach to pre-empting any issues which could lead to downtime has resulted in the 12MW plant achieving a 97% average output over the last four months.
“Downtime is costly for any AD plant,” said Warman. “But because Ellough is a high output gas-to-grid plant, an hour of downtime can lose the plant an excessive amount of revenue, especially at today’s prices.
“An AD plant is essentially made up of moving parts, which means everything is destined to break down eventually.”
To prevent huge financial losses, Warman has implemented several preventative maintenance strategies.
“In the last year we have changed our approach to plant maintenance, so rather than reacting to problems as they occur, we now focus on identifying potential issues which could lead to downtime and resolving them before a breakdown even occurs,” he said.
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