Hotel waste to back-up Indian biogas production

India-based Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) is to branch out its feedstock reach for its biogas plant, which is currently under construction in the Gajrawadi region of the city.

Alongside vegetable waste and animal carcasses VMC will also look to incorporate hotel waste as raw material to feed to the plant. It already collects around 10 tonnes of vegetable waste from one market area alone but believes hotel waste would act as a good additional source of feedstock.

‘There are 3,000 registered hotels and eateries in the city and they generate tonnes of kitchen waste every day,’ deputy municipal commissioner for health R K Sugoor was quoted as saying. ‘If carcass and vegetable waste do not meet the requirement of the plant, we shall use hotel waste to feed it.’

 The plant is expected to be complete this summer and is aiming to produce around 250kg of biogas a day.

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