Host to supply turnkey biogas installation to Dutch dairy farm

HoSt is supplying a turnkey Microferm Green Gas installation at a dairy farm in Boornbergum in the province of Friesland in the Netherlands.

The installation will be built as part of the 'Jumpstart' initiative by the Dutch dairy cooperative, FrieslandCampina. The manure digester will utilise proprietary manure to produce 40 cubic metres of biomethane per hour. With the help of Host's Microferm technology, renewable gas will be produced from the manure of 550 dairy cows at a farm owned by dairy farmer Van der Wal.

Using anaerobic digestion, and upgrading the biogas to biomethane, the micro-digester produces enough sustainable gas to supply up to 980 households, around 1.5 times the number of households in Boornbergum. Sjaak Klein Gunnewiek, biogas sales manager at Host, said: "This project is a nice contribution of the first series of our Microferm projects in collaboration with FrieslandCampina within the Jumpstart initiative. This way, we contribute to an increasingly sustainable Dutch agricultural sector."

By using Host's Microferm system, farmers can generate up to 50% extra income on their business, while drastically reducing emissions. Anaerobic digestion also creates bio-fertilisers in the process.

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