HoST Group enters US market with three dairy biogas projects

The HoSt Group said it is “very excited to kick off business in the US” with three new biogas projects at dairy farms in upstate New York and Ohio to be realised in close cooperation with SJI Renewable Energy Ventures and Rev LNG.  

With these biogas projects in the dairy sector and the local office in Vancouver, HoSt North America said it “will have a strong footprint in the United States and will pursue expansion opportunities in the fast-growing biogas market”. 

The New York projects produce each 300 SCFM of biogas and the Ohio project approximately 475 SCFM of biogas, which are together equivalent to having 3,000 American family cars drive on bio-CNG for a year. The treated renewable natural gas on all three sites is delivered as compressed bio-CNG to tanker trucks that will transport it to a gas injection site. The renewable gas is destined for the California market under the Low Carbon Fuels Standard programme where it will be used as a renewable transport fuel. The projects contribute to the worldwide transition towards the production and use of renewable energy and renewable transport fuels. 

“These projects, together with the local presence and planned investment in this market, demonstrate the HoSt Group’s determination to meet and anticipate its customers’ needs throughout the world with the most competitive global solutions. We are confident that these references will be a launch platform for further projects in the US and in the dairy sector,” said Graham Hartlett, chief sales officer of HoSt North America who mentions that this sustainable gas variant plays a key role in the energy transition and this technology helps to develop a sustainable dairy sector. “With our technologies, we answer both the energy demand and the waste management topic – there is an abundant need for alternatives to fossil fuels.” 

SJI Renewable Energy Ventures president, Donna Schempp said: “We are excited to partner with HoSt group who has the extensive experience in biogas plant engineering and biogas utilisation technology which will help us pave the way towards making renewable fuel sources more accessible.” 

REV LNG CEO David Kailbourne added: “As a leader in renewable energy project development, REV LNG is committed to implementing creative energy solutions that help our company and the clients we serve to reduce our carbon footprints. Having a world-class original equipment manufacturer is vital to the end goal and we are very pleased to be working with HoSt.” 

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