Host develops ‘cleanest’ bioenergy facility in the Netherlands

Host has developed a high-tech bioenergy plant with innovative NO-NOx thermal energy conversion of residual wood and waste streams.

Developed over a decade, this development of technology results in the lowest measured emissions in the Netherlands, said Host, and a state-of-the-art product – the ‘very welcome modular bioenergy combined heat and power plant of the 21st-century’.

The 15 MWt bioenergy plant in Andijk, the Netherlands, with NO-NOx thermal conversion technology, is the result of years of research and innovation at Host. The company has a large in-house research and development capacity and strong connections with technical universities, therefore, it is well-positioned to develop innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of customers in the bioenergy market.

Independent measurements show that the Andijk plant produces energy from prunings and residual waste wood with a NOx emission reduction of >99%. This is achieved using Host’s NO-NOx technology combined with ultra low-NOx innovative combustion technology, precise combustion temperature control, and highly automated control.

In addition to clean conversion and high availability, Host’s design ensures streamlined, fast construction on-site, due to its modular construction, resulting in lower costs.

Wouter Kok, responsible for the sales of this unique bioenergy plant at Host, said: “It is not the application of only a bag house filter that makes the plant exceptional. Host goes far beyond that.

“We achieve these lowest emissions through innovation in combustion technology and our innovative furnace, which creates a perfect mixing of flue gases with combustion air and a very high efficiency.

“Thanks to the clever configuration of the combustion zones on the grate, the three-stage combustion in the furnace, combined with flue gas recirculation, high peak temperatures are avoided, and the formation of the amount of NOx is strongly reduced compared to conventional combustion furnace designs.

“The addition of the Host NO-NOx technology minimises it even more. A very effective combination method that makes our bioenergy plant in Andijk and every following high-tech Host plant with this technology unique.”

This clean, modern bioenergy facility is a solution for the fossil energy-consuming industry, wood-working industry, greenhouse farming, and district heating, said Host. Highly efficient heat and electricity distribution is a crucial advantage; the existing energy infrastructure is already suitable in most cases.

CO2 from flue gases can be captured for use in greenhouses for crop growth, for sales, or storage in liquid or gaseous form. The residual heat and electricity can be used for industrial processes. This alternative for greenhouse horticulture is ‘urgently needed’, the company said, as natural gas boilers are not sustainable.

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