Host building five new manure digesters in the Netherlands

Host has hailed its collaboration with Dutch dairy firm FrieslandCampina’s ‘Jumpstart’ cooperative a “great success”.

Under the partnership, Host is building five of its Microferm manure digesters at dairy farms in the Netherlands, with two already complete.

The five Microferms are being built at farms in Overijssel, Friesland, Leeuwarden, Limburg, and Brabant. The installations produce 40 Nm3 of biomethane per hour from 12,000 to 16,000 tons of manure per year.

The Microferm system produces biomethane from manure using anaerobic digestion and biogas upgrading, helping dairy farmers earn extra income.

Host works with the Jumpstart cooperative, an initiative by dairy firm FrieslandCampina, as a qualified supplier of the Microferm mono-manure digester with a biomethane system.

In total, the Netherlands will soon be home to 15 Microferm systems, of which two-thirds will produce approximately 3.2 million cubic metres of biomethane per year. The rest produce green electricity and heat with a CHP unit.

“It is great that we are moving towards a more sustainable dairy sector, but that sometimes demands quite a lot from the dairy farmer,” said Host sales engineer Lieuwe de Boer.

“We are pleased that we can unburden the farmer with the permit application. With the realisation of another five Microferms, we prove that manure digestion can be profitable and sustainable.”

According to Host, the strength of this mini biogas plant lies in its simplicity with proven technology, the low risk, and manageable investment. With one Microferm, approximately 240 households can heat and cook with sustainable gas all year round.

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