Honeywell announces 100th biomethane grid injection in France

Honeywell announced the installation of its 100th biomethane grid injection to France’s primary gas distribution operator, GRDF.

Honeywell’s grid injection stations act as a gatekeeper to the gas network. The stations measure flow and gas compositions and check them for compliance, add an odour to the gas to help with leak detection, and collect and transmit operating data to GRDF for monitoring and recording.

In addition to GRDF in France, Honeywell has delivered biogas injection stations to major gas suppliers in the UK, Germany, Denmark, and Belgium. To date, the firm has implemented more than 210 stations in Europe.

Manufactured at Honeywell’s facility in Lognes, France, the injection stations incorporate advanced capabilities such as injection and control systems, fiscal flow measurement, gas quality analysers, gas odourisation systems and data telemetry for data collection.

Srikumar Srinivasan, vice-president and general manager of process measurement and control for Honeywell Process Solutions, said: “Injecting biogas into the grid is a relatively new concept that holds transformational potential for the global energy industry.

“As the largest supplier of biogas injection stations in the world, Honeywell is positioned to advise and collaborate with other energy companies on similar projects.

“With 100 biogas injection stations delivered, the capacity for biomethane injection in the gas distribution network operated by GRDF is now comparable to the consumption of 500,000 new households heated with gas.”

“Honeywell is determined to take part in the success of biomethane injection in France,” said Xavier Passemard, biomethane director at GRDF. “Since 2011, with its robust product portfolio, Honeywell has become a trustable partner, from experiments and tests to industrial production.”

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