Heineken Spain to replace gas boilers with biomass boilers

HEINEKEN Spain will replace all its existing gas boilers with biomass boilers as part of its sustainability initiative.

The brewer is integrating sustainability into its business model through its ‘Brewing a Better World’ strategy, which focuses on respect for people, positive contributions to local communities, and protecting the environment.

The company said it is “fully aware” that its success depends on the health of the planet and therefore its preservation is “essential” to ensure the continuity of global economic development.

The main development at Heineken Spain’s operations will be the development of a large photovoltaic plant in Huelva, which will be used to produce all its beers, although other forms of renewables, including bioenergy, will also be incorporated into its strategy.

Heineken is currently working on 29 renewable energy projects globally, focusing on wind, solar, biomass and biogas. The firm already has carbon-neutral facilities in Göss and Schladming in Austria and biomass facilities on-site in Sampang Agung, Indonesia.

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