Guided by the science

Seth Ginther, executive director at the US Industrial Pellet Association explores research that shows biomass supports forests, biodiversity, and communities across the southern US.

The science is both clear and well-established that sustainable biomass is an indispensable technology for meeting national emissions goals, and preventing the worst effects of climate change. The latest confirmation comes from a report issued in January by the EU Joint Research Center (JRC) citing sustainable biomass as a solution for both the global climate emergency and biodiversity crisis.

Closer to home, three new research papers also add to the growing body of scientific literature. Published in academic journals and authored respectively by researchers at the University of Missouri, Oak Ridge National Laboratory and Oxford University, each paper illuminates many positive ecological and economic benefits of sustainable biomass production in the southern US.

As the world’s largest exporting region of sustainable biomass, the southern US is a vital sourcing area for meeting the world’s increasing demand, particularly in the...

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