GTI becomes exclusive North American distributor for VSO gasholders

Geomembrane Technologies (GTI) has announced it is now the exclusive distributor of double-membrane gasholders, manufactured by VSO Biogas Technologies, in the United States and Canada.

The Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, based company’s cover experts can deliver, install, and commission these gasholders, and provide advice on how to maximize the use of biogas.

GTI has supplied over 250 installations around the world to industrial, municipal, and agricultural projects.

Double-membrane gasholders reliably capture methane gas, a naturally-occurring component of biogas generated from anaerobic digestion.

The gasholders, made from flexible composite materials using high-frequency welding, consist of an inner membrane to capture and hold the biogas, and an outer membrane to protect the inner membrane and regulate internal pressure.

The holders range in size from 50m³ to 5,000m³ and can be either pad-mounted for solid structure digesters or mounted directly on round digester tanks.

They safely store and regulate the use of biogas, which can be used in engines and combined heat and power (CHP) units for electricity and heat at wastewater treatment plants, municipalities, and farms.

Biogas can be also be used in boilers for process heat and steam or, in some cases, sold to a local utility for profit.

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