Groen Gas Gelderland starts construction of biogas plant in the Netherlands

Groen Gas Gelderland (GGG), a co-operative venture between biogas specialists BEB Holding, Engie Biogas Holding and Biogas Plus, has started construction of biogas plant in the Netherlands.

The plant, which is due to open in 2017, aims to produce gas from 72,000 tonnes of waste per year. The waste includes manure, high-energy crops and grass.

AIM-listed Greenlane Biogas, a biogas upgrading manufacturer, has recently announced that it has attained a contract to upgrade Groen’s biogas system.  A Greenlane ‘Totara’ upgrading unit will be installed at Groen’s plant, Greenlane said in a statement.

As well as the main upgrading system, Greenlane will also supply and install a nitrogen generator to reduce the calorific value of the output gas to conform to Dutch grid requirements.

Sufficient nitrogen will be produced to match the biomethane output of the main plant, even when it is running at maximum capacity, Greenlane said.

A biofilter will also ensure all volatile organic compounds (VOCs) have been eliminated which might otherwise affect the odour of the output gas, the company stated.

In a statement, Groen said that the project will contribute substantially to the sustainability goals of the province of Gelderland and estimates that the annual reduction of CO2 due to this venture will be equivalent to that of 650,000 trees.

Greenlane is due to install and commission the system by autumn this year.

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