Greenville Energy plans biomass plant for Texas

Texas, US-based Greenville Energy is looking to build a biomass plant in Greenville that would generate 63MW of renewable energy from wood chips using infrastructure from the existing city-owned 87MW Powerlane plant.

On 19 August 2010 the company applied for an air quality permit for the proposed facility from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. However, despite applying for the permit earlier this year, Greenville Energy has not yet decided on a final location for the project.

The president of Greenville Energy Danny Vines stated: ‘While many aspects of the project, including the selection of Greenville, are yet to be determined, Greenville Energy LLC has made a significant investment in structuring the business and has enjoyed working with the Greenville economic development team.’ Despite receiving some offers that would see the plant constructed outside of Texas, Vines said: ‘I feel pretty confident that things will come together in Greenville.’

The company is expected to complete a review of the Texas site between the next 90 and 120 days. If permission is granted, Ron Robinson, the president of the Greenville board of development, explained that the electricity produced would be sent to the Electric Reliability Council of Texas Inc. grid.

Source: SNL

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