Greenlane Renewables wins biogas upgrading contract in California, US

Canadian biogas firm Greenlane Renewables has won an $8.3 million (€7.4 million) biogas upgrading contract for a landfill gas to renewable natural gas (RNG) project in California, US.

The company announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Greenlane Biogas North America, secured the contract with the customer whose name has not yet been revealed. Engineering work will begin immediately on the project upon completion of permitting and approval of submittals by the customer, expected by early-to-mid 2020.

The new facility is expected to process 1,600 standard cubic feet per minute of landfill gas to produce roughly 97% pure biomethane, or around 360,000 MMBTU annually of clean RNG, for direct injection into the local gas distribution network owned and operated by SoCalGas. Biogas upgrading is the process of identifying and removing trace impurities from the biogas stream and carbon dioxide is separated from methane to produce pipeline-spec biomethane. Residual off-gas, a by-product of the biogas upgrading process, will be blended with natural gas to generate power for on-site facilities and processes.

Brad Douville, president and CEO of Greenlane, said: “This project is a great opportunity to showcase Greenlane’s advanced and reliable technology. Our solution is targeting 100% methane capture from the landfill site. Recovered landfill methane will be upgraded and then piped directly into SoCalGas’ natural gas grid, meeting their stringent Rule 30 gas quality standards with the residual off-gas blended with natural gas for onsite power generation. This is a real win-win for the environment and generates attractive economics.”


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