Greenlane Biogas extends biogas upgrading kit

Canada-based biogas upgrading company Greenlane Biogas has extended its biogas upgrading equipment line-up.

In a statement, the company said that it had expanded its Kauri upgrading system to help provide solutions for large-scale projects.

With the capacity to treat up to 3,000 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) of biogas, the ‘Kauri’ will enable biogas developers to produce over five million cubic feet of pipeline ready renewable natural gas (RNG) per day with a single system, according to Greenlane.

In a statement, Greenlane said: “The ‘Kauri’ has twice the capacity of our next largest biogas upgrading system and offers the proven scalability, productivity and performance of our water scrubbing based biogas upgrading systems whether it is for a 150 SCFM (250 Nm3/h) or 10,000 SCFM (16,000 Nm3/h) project.”

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