Greenhill Energy announces $425m biomass-to-hydrogen facility in South Australia

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Greenhill Energy has launched its $425 million plans to build Australia’s first full integrated processing facility to convert landfill waste and sustainable biomass into high value products such as fertilisers and synthetic fuels, and into low-cost clean hydrogen for use in emission free power and transport.
Following recent positive trials and ongoing research and development, Greenhill Energy has secured 20 hectares of land at Tailem Bend in South Australia’s Murraylands for its clean hydrogen project, The Riverbend Energy Hub.
The waste-to-hydrogen facility is expected to divert up to 200,000 tonnes of waste from landfill annually within five years.
“We have been granted State Government crown sponsorship across the project and, pending approvals, 2025 will see the construction of a singular gasifier, in our first phase,” Nicholas Mumford, Greenhill Energy executive managing director, said. “This will be able to process up to 60,000 tonnes of dry biomass or waste per year, which is around 1,500 fully loaded semi-trailer trucks.
“Riverbend Energy Hub’s stage one will also include an integrated power plant that will be able to provide firm power into the wholesale electricity market, and in turn, support further development of intermittent renewable energy generation types.”
He continued: “We estimate that the project will create around 300 jobs during construction. Once established and operating at full scale it is estimated there will be around 50 to 100 direct jobs, and no doubt further indirect jobs through sustainable biomass development and the like.”
The project will be underpinned by integrating proven hydrogen processing and manufacturing technologies, within a unique closed system, as Australia’s economy and industry seeks to decarbonise.

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