Green Science Alliance reports biomass developments

“The vision of Green Science Alliance is to offer technologies for sustainable, carbon neutral society,” it said.

This already includes a next generation rechargeable battery, a fuel cell, and a CO2 photo conversion to chemical energy (the process called artificial photosynthesis).

Now, Green Science Alliance is also trying to replace all petrochemical-derived chemical products with nature biomass derived ones, including biomass biodegradable plastic, biomass resin, biomass coating, and biomass colour ink.

The latest is a 100 percent biomass mark (JORA - Japan Organic Recycling Association) acquired water-based coating material. When this material dries up after coating on the substrate, the whole composition is 100 percent nature biomass, no petroleum.

It said of the development: “Because this material is not only water-based but also composed of 100 percent nature biomass composition, it can be regarded as an extremely environmentally friendly product.”

Green Science Alliance is currently in the process of expanding this biomass water-based coating material business to Japan and the world market, and it said it will also try to develop paint, colour ink and adhesives based on it.

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